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Upon leaving Goodsprings, the Courier is stopped by a secretive individual known only as Bryce. He promises rewards in exchange for the completion of errands. Sounds easy, right?

SexoutAgent is not your normal Sexout plugin. If you're looking for sex, sex, and more sex, look elsewhere. This plugin focuses on characters and situations, and while intimate encounters are certainly possible (if you play your cards right) it can be a bad idea to drop your guard in the Mojave.


S.O. BunkerS.O. Bunker Living QuartersThe Cole ResidenceMyron's ShackGang's HideoutIncinerator Room
Martin BryceMiriam Holmes-WoodTina KarrensSarah LietElizabeth OakleyJane Valenti
Tier 0The Key to Success
Tier 1Road Stop BluesHot PursuitSpecial DeliveryShaken, Not Stirred
Tier 3Naked Under CoverTop SecretThieves In the NightWhere Evil Resides
Tier 4Lockup
Tier 5O.W.E.N.
Tier 8Knowing Is Half the BattleUnited We Stand
Tier 9Dances With RoguesTreasure HuntingShooting Things Is the Other Half
Tier 10Lockdown
Tier 12Umbrella Clause
Tier 15A Study of Scarlet
Tier 19Divided We Fall
Tier 20And Then There Were None
Tier 21Here There Be MonstersBlamelessHell Hath No FuryTwist and Shout
Tier 22The Last TemptationThe Sodden Pasture LaneAlmost Like A Dream
ExtraCovert OpTechnological Break-InTorch SongTwenty Bare AssesThe Winder of A Shoemaker